Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today we went on field trip to Achavanich Standing Stones. There is about 30 of these stones arranged in a horseshoe shape. The tallest stone is  around 2 metres.

The next stop along the way was the Camster Cairns. These stone buildings are were built around 3500BC and were thought to have been used as burial chambers and as ritual sites.

Angela Thwaites the TA for the class was the bravest and went inside first.

Angela, Karin, Julie and I inside the Cairn. It's was surprisingly quite roomy in there considering we had to crawl through the door and down a tunnel to get to the middle room.

Last stop on our little outing was Latheronwheel Harbour. 

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  1. Hi Belinda

    The pictures look great, what a beautiful part of the world. I am glad you are enjoying the casting process.